On this site we explain in plain language: What is endometriosis?

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Severe menstrual pain, fatigue, unwanted childlessness?
It could be endometriosis.

Severe menstrual pain can indicate endometriosis.

If you feel strong pain in your (lower) abdomen, contact your doctor.
Reason: endometriosis is a disease and has to be treated medically.
Other words for menstruation are also: cycle or period.

What is endometriosis?

Endometriosis makes tissue grow where it doesn´t belong. For example outside the uterus.
The tissue can inflame. This can be very painful.
Sometimes these inflammations can also start to bleed.

Endometriosis often causes pain:

  • in the (lower) abdomen
  • in the lower back and down to the legs
  • when on the toilet and/or
  • during sex

Some women with endometriosis can´t get pregnant.

If you have such pain, contact your doctor! Some doctors know a lot about endometriosis.
You will find addresses of experienced doctors here.
You can also find further information in German here.

We can help you.
We can support you.
We can give you advice. Our counsellors are well educated.

Many women have questions like:
Where do I find a good doctor?
How do I cope with endometriosis?
What can I do?
Whom can I talk to?

We provide counselling by phone.
Contact us at this phone number and make an appointment: 0341 3065 304

Our counselling service is for free.
Our counselling by phone is in German.

Self-help Groups
Women with endometriosis can support each other in self-help groups.
Women can meet and talk to each other in self-help groups.
We support self-help groups.

You can find self-help groups all over Germany on our homepage.


Endometriosis can strongly differ from case to case.
That is why it is also called the chameleon of gynecology.

Who are we?
Our association is called:
Endometriose-Vereinigung Deutschland e.V.
It was established by women with endometriosis more than 25 years ago.
We support women with endometriosis all over Germany.
We are no doctors.
We make endometriosis better known to the public and to doctors

Do you want to know more?
On our homepage you will find:

You can also send us an e-mail:

You can also find us on Facebook:

Our postal address is:
Endometriose-Vereinigung Deutschland e.V.
Bernhard-Göring-Str. 152, 04277 Leipzig

This Information is written in plain language.
We have further information on endometriosis in German.
This information is not written in plain language.

We have a flyer in English. This Flyer explains endometriosis.

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